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Power ranger Solaris Force is a active fanfiction writing by Dak rain12


In the year 2068, In the underground lab of the Solaris force scientists have created a drug in hopes of creating earth first hybrid. They have successfully created a hybrid name Vinrock. Due to the negative effects of the drug the scientist have frozen Vinrock. However when a lab experiment gone wrong Vinrcok were set free and have thrust for revenged.

Main characters Edit

platinum ranger has yet to be revail.

The director of the FBI-

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The founders of the Solaris Force

Leon Matrix- head of time force.

Joe Harrison- a cop in the Solaris force- who befriends with Michael.

Marcus Ren- A scientist that made the gold morpher for Ryan.


Vinrock- a hybrid that escape from the Solaris force.

Nadme- has personal reason to destroy the Solaris force.

Calindor- The general for Vinrock

Zeph- A bounty hunter from the krova system and has a very strong distaste of the white ranger.


Chapter I-prologue The Solaris Force hybrid project failed and Leon Marix left the Solaris force.

Chapter II-prologue part II- Leon come up with a plan to save the Solaris force from shutting down.
Chapter III- Prologue part III- Leon and his father save the Solaris force and Alyssa Hyman is elected the Predisent of the Solaris Force. And the Solaris force created the hybrid. And it was frozen for ten years.

Chapter IV- Vinrock escape part I- It's been ten years and due to lab expermint gone wrong, the hybrid escape.

Chapter V- Vinrock escape part II-the hunt Vinrock heats up and Brandi and Ryan become the Solaris gold and yellow ranger.
Chpater VI- Enter the red white and blue ranger. When Nadme is causing trouble in the city, Devin Ray , Damien Hase and Lucy Clayton joins the Solaris force.
Chapter VII- Michael choice. Nadme send the bounty hunter Zeph to caputer Michael "Digit" Wilderman. He has a choice either go with Zeph or Join the Solaris force?

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