Damien Hase
General Information
Gender  Male
Birthday May 12
Age  23
Hair Color  Black
Eye Color  black
Height 6'2"
Series Statistics
Team  Solaris Force
Position  Blue Ranger
Status Alive
First Appearance Enter the red,white, and blue ranger
Last Appearance Unknown
Created By  Dak rain12

Damien HaseEdit

Damien Hase is the Solaris Force blue ranger and has ablity to control Ice and once seperated he control wind and water.

Character HistoryEdit

Damien Hase is the younger brother of the Solaris Force gold ranger Ryan hase. He grew up in Southern bay his entire life. During his childhood Damien has taking a love mix martial arts , and dirk biking.

While in high school Damien be friends with Devin Ray and Lucy clayton at the age of seventeen Damien graduated out of high school and work for the intelligence velocity a group that is simlar to the CIA and was the former blue and yellow ranger for a three year.

Damien hates being compare to his older brother or anything that deals with his parents.


Damien is consider to be distance from his teammates, and only opens up to that are close to him. He take his job as the second-in command very seriously and somtimes scold at Devin for taking his job light hearted at times.


Damien has shoulder lengh black hair, black eyes and light tan skin, and is 6'2" feet tall. And is lean and Musclar build.


  • Solaris Sword
  • Solaris blaster
  • dual scythes
  • Dune buggy

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